How to draw a Greek mythology hero

Step by step art drawing tutorial
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How to draw a Greek mythology hero

General drawing tips on Greek mythology heroes: 
Traditionally Greek mythology heroes are warriors of extraordinary strenght or martial prowess, most of the time child of some god or supernatural being. So, draw them with muscles and proportions who inspire those traits. Give them 8 times their head tall and 3 times their head large. Notice also that the shield is an important part of the combat style in those myth. It is large and round or with a special shape, decorated with gylph-like drawing in a Greek style.

How to draw a Greek mythlogy hero step by step:

Step 1:
Draw a guidelines sketch of your Greek mythology warrior hero forms. Don’t go into the details. You only draw the general forms and shapes.
Step 2:
  Add the anatomy on top of the framework sketch.
Step 3:
Chose the lines you wish to keep, draw the last details and make the nessessary corrections before you ink the drawing. Erase the framework sketch.

Step by step close up

Greek mythology hero step 1

Greek mythology hero step 2

Greek mythology hero step 3

Greek mythology hero step 4