How to draw Catwoman

Step by step drawing tutorial on DC comics superheroes and supervillains
Learn how to draw Catwoman
 How to draw Catwoman

Drawing tips on the DC Comics superheroin comic book art drawing tutorial, Catwoman:

Step 1: 
Draw a quick pale sketch of the general forms of your Catwoman.
Step 2: 
Add her anatomy on top of the forms of step one.
Step 3: 
Add the last details of your Catwoman and ink her. Erase the undesired guidelines.

Close up on the superheroin Catwoman
 How to draw Catwoman step 1

Catwoman anatomy drawing tutorial
How to draw Catwoman step 2

Learn to sketch Catwoman the DC superheroin
How to draw Catwoman step 3

Catwoman art
 Catwoman comic book art drawing