Drawing comics : Rogue from the X-men

Rogue : Drawing the Marvel comics X-men

Here is a comic art tutorial on Rogue from the X-men to learn how to draw girl superheroes step by step. Have fun!

How to draw the Rogue step by step:
Step 1:
This is the step where you draw the body frame. This will be the guidelines of your X-men Rogue drawing.
Step 2:
Now, you draw the anatomy and face frame on top of the framework sketch of step 1.
Step 3:
Once the anatomy and face frame are done you draw the details of your Rogue. The face, the costume, the hairs, etc...
Step 4:
Ink your drawing. Erase the guidelines.
And here is Rogue from the Marvel comics X-men!
 Drawing the body frame : Rogue step 1

 Drawing the anatomy and muscles : Rogue step 2

Drawing details and superhero suit : Rogue step 3

Drawing of Rogue X-men superhero girl